Therapeutic massage

Decontracting, relaxing, circulatory, and sports massage to treat pain, muscular, and tendon injuries

Therapeutic and Sports Massage,
Foot Reflexology, Cupping Therapy and Thai Massage

Certified massage therapist

Massage Therapy

Set of techniques manipulating fatty tissues, muscles, and skin to alleviate muscular pains.

Massatge estètic. Quiromallol.


Manual facial aesthetic massage. Gua Sha, Jade roller, and facial cupping.

Reflexologia. Quiromallol


Holistic foot reflexology to balance body and mind.

Ventoses. Quiromallol.


Cupping therapy to increase blood and lymphatic circulation.

Recuperació de lesions. Quiromassatge


Adhesive strips that adapt to the muscle with a texture and elasticity that provide stability without restricting mobility.

Quiromassatge. Quiromallol

Thai Massage

Stretching and pressure of different energy points to balance energy and improve vitality.

treatments and massages

Available durations:
30 minutes, 60 minutes,
90 minutes and 120 minutes.

Sessions adapted to

Heal muscular, tensional, and postural origin pain.
Prevent injuries.
Improve flexibility, range of motion, blood, and lymphatic circulation.
Reduce fluid retention.
Help reduce stress and anxiety.
Improve emotional state through endorphin release.

Quiromallol Rates

Different treatments can be combined, inquire without commitment

30 min.


Decontracting massage or treatment of injures.

60 min.


Back massages, leg massages, foot massage, circulatory massage, etc.

90 min.


Wide range of massages. Personalized and adapted therapies

120 min.


Listen to your body and treat yourself to a renewing and unique massage.



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